4 Important Things that We can Learn from Alexander F. Bouri

Have you heard of Alexander F. Bouri yet? Alexander F. Bouri is the founder of Seament, a cement company known for providing bulk materials and expert service in all areas of manufacturing, bulk handling, shipping, and terminal management. As the founder of Seament, Alexander F. Bouri has been very successful and has even helped revolutionize the cement industry. He is truly an inspiration for many. Here are 4 important things we can all learn from Alexander F. Bouri.


1.  Hard work pays off. Sure, Alexander F. Bouri is a very successful man now, but his success didn’t come overnight – he had to work very hard for it. He started off studying at American University of Beirut where he earned a degree in business administration. Shortly after this, Bouri moved to Nigeria where he worked selling insurance.

2.  Dare to dream. Selling insurance may have given Alexander F. Bouri the money he needed to pay the bills, but it wasn’t what he intended to do for the rest of his life. As he continued to work at that job, he began to dream of a career in the cement industry; he took his first steps towards achieving this dream by taking out a $50,000 loan to get started in the cement trading business. With hard work and perseverance, he turned his loan into a huge profit and quickly earned the title of “Cement King” in the 1980s.

3.  Never stop learning. Just because Alexander F. Bouri has been successful doesn’t mean he has nothing left to learn, whether industry-related or something for fun. Presently, while still serving as the owner of Seament, Alexander F. Bouri spends his free time learning about agriculture and growing his own food.

4.  Give to others whenever you can. Alexander F. Bouri has never been one to revel in his own success or to get greedy with earnings. He knows that charity begins in the home, which is why he chose to help his son, Charles Bouri out by providing him with a job at Seament. Charles now proudly manages many of Seament’s operations, including their overseas locations.

Alexander F. Bouri also enjoys giving back to the community whenever he can, and has been assisting the foundation and building of schools in Lebanon and Nigeria. Additionally, he is also helping Lebanon and Albania improve their medical care by offering financial assistance to the Red Cross.

As you can see, Charles F. Bouri is not only a hard worker and successful owner of Seament, but he’s a very caring and generous individual as well. He is very inspiring for those who wish to one day own a business of their own.



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