Why Entrepreneurs Should Understand Social Media

Business has changed a lot since Alexander F Bouri first took the helm of Seament. The advent of the Internet, the smartphone, and social media has changed how we do business. But one thing hasn’t changed: a smart and successful entrepreneur needs to understand all the moving parts that make their business run, as well as recent and upcoming trends within their industry. If you find yourself a little out of touch with social media, this is your wake up call. Here are three reasons every entrepreneur needs to understand social media:sm

  1. Because there is no such thing as a business that doesn’t need it. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, what scale you’re looking at, or whether your next business is tech related or not: you need social media. Social media accounts are particularly crucial in a retail or customer facing business, where they serve not only as important points of contact but also allow you to find, grow, and speak to your fan base. But even in a B2B business, social media remains critical: it gives a sense of credibility to your company and will often be the first thing prospective clients look at when researching you. Plus, whether you use social media as a point of client contact or not, your social media presence contributes to your SEO which means active social media equals more prospective clients.
  2. Because it’s so easy to do wrong. Despite how important it is, social media is one thing that many business leaders still don’t understand well and that has led to many mistaken theories on how to go about it. More than 10 years after Facebook became popular, businesses still make rudimentary mistakes like posting only to try to sell things, or deleting complaints and critical comments when they come up. These “antisocial” behaviors make sense from a traditional marketing/advertising perspective but not from the perspective of having a friendly chat with past and future customers. These flubs can do long-term damage to your company and its online presence. It’s important to know enough about social media not only to avoid these flubs personally, but also to vet the advice you get from staff or consultants who claim they know what they’re talking about.
  3. Because you’re ultimately responsible for every message that goes out. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to post to social media accounts personally, or whether you’re delegating 100% of tasks to an employee: the buck stops with you. If you’re clueless about social media, you’re not only likely to misuse it if you personally are the company’s voice online, you’re also likely to set poor priorities or push bad strategies on staff who handle it for you. In order to intelligently oversee a company with a social media presence, you should know as much about social media as you know about marketing.

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