4 Things Entrepreneurs Should Focus on in 2015

It’s a new year and that means new business challenges. Some things are constants in the business world, but as Alexander F. Bouri knows, entrepreneurs also need to adapt with the times in order to stay relevant and successful. Here are Alexander’s top four tips for what every entrepreneur should focus on this year:

1.  Mobile, mobile, mobile – Something pivotal happened in 2014—mobile overtook traditional computers as the primary platform by which consumers access the Internet. If that turnaround moment happened in 2014, then you can already guess what needs to happen in 2015: a new commitment to mobile marketing. Mobile marketing starts long before designing an ad or an app. It begins with making your core website highly mobile-friendly. That doesn’t just mean the site can be viewed elegantly on a mobile device, it means it has full functionality on that device as well. No features from the traditional website should be missing from the mobile version. And your social media, search ad, and online display ad strategies should all consider the mobile browser as the default platform that your potential customers are using.

2.  Producing information, not just products – Here’s a dirty little secret that many businesses don’t want to admit: you’re no longer just working in your core industry, you’re also working in the digital publishing industry. No matter what your product, niche or customer base, you are expected to produce helpful, worthy information about that niche in addition to actually offering products and services within in. The companies who figure this out will be the schooners of the new digital sea, while the rest will be stuck on rafts. Start producing high-quality blog content along with videos, infographics, podcasts, and anything else you can create to answer your audience’s questions and solve their problems.

3.  Offering more for free – This goes hand in hand with the previous item because all of that information you’re producing can be part of what you give away. Our economy today is founded on the idea that the Internet has made costs negligible and that every business can provide at least a basic service for free. So create your free eBook, your free guide, or your free DIY kit; offer a free consultation or a free first session; give out free gifts and free extras.

4.  Adjusting and evaluating goals – Long-term planning is a business essential, but it can also be misleading – especially in an age of instant metrics and performance analysis. Your five-year plan should be viewed as a guide at best. Look at the real results on a regular basis and adjust not just strategy, but even goals as needed to keep your business plan realistic.

What else should entrepreneurs focus on in 2015?



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