Stop Employee Problems Immediately in Three Easy Steps

If you’re in charge of a business, there are a few unpleasant and unavoidable things that are bound to happen. One of the most stressful things the average business owner will have to deal with is problems with their employees. In a perfect world, everybody you hire will be able to show up and do their jobs efficiently, but employee problems are just another part of owning a business. Successful business owners like Alexander F. Bouri didn’t get to where they are today by continuing to employ people that cut corners, frequently called out of work, and were rude. Dealing with tough employees can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. When you’re dealing with reigning in your first unpleasant employee, make sure you remember to keep these things in mind.

Address the problem as soon as it comes up

When an employee makes a mistake, it’s pretty tempting to let it slide. After all, you don’t want to be a mean boss, and sometimes problems can fix themselves. Nobody really likes to confront people, and that includes managers dealing with their employees. The longer you wait to confront the problem, the worse their behavior will be. Their bad behavior will also affect your other employees. When they notice that someone isn’t doing their job, and they also aren’t seeing any consequences for it, they may start to resent that employee and resent your inaction.

Don’t be vague when you address problems

If you want to effectively change an employee’s behavior, you should not be vague about what they’ve been doing wrong. A difficult employee will quickly dismiss any vague statements you make about their behavior, so make sure that you give them actual examples of their bad behavior. For example, instead of saying that they seem to be coming in late a lot, give the actual dates and times they’ve come in late to work. Addressing exactly what behavior you don’t like will let them know what they’re doing wrong, and should make it simple for them to make an improvement.

Don’t make change an option, make it a requirement

So many bosses call out their employee’s bad behavior over and over again, and wonder why they haven’t seen changes. Just nagging someone to change won’t help, your employees need to know that you expect to see serious changes fast. A simple verbal warning or talking things out won’t make them change, but taking concrete steps to fix their problems will. See if any kinds of training would be helpful, or if a schedule or shift change could help them perform their job better.


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